BEFORE (above) 
An example of the original photograph submitted for use in Kroeger Clocks

AFTER (right)
Most of the photographs for Kroeger Clocks required detailed photo retouching. 

BEFORE (above)
The original manuscript cover.

AFTER (right)
An original Kroeger clock from the author's private collection was photographed for the final cover design. 


BEFORE (left)
The Canadian Student Health Research Forum poster was originally put together by the organizer. Due to the success of the international event, the coordinator decided professional graphic design would be a good investment.

AFTER (below)
Each year the event focusses on a unique medical theme. The redesign expresses each theme graphically, creating a dynamic visual for promotion.


BEFORE (left)
Happenings, a publication of the Manitoba Museum, Planetarium, and Science Gallery, was redesigned.

AFTER (below) 
The goal of the redesign included a modern masthead and colour palette and simplification of the front-page information to prominently feature relevant articles and ultimately motivate visitors to visit the institution.