Anikó Szabó has been a professional Graphic Designer in Winnipeg, Canada, since 1995.

If you are looking for professional graphic design and brand development services, feel free to contact me for a project evaluation. Find out what you can expect to achieve with your budget.

As sole proprietor, I am able to offer unique design solutions and attention to detail, for each client and project. 

Combining words, symbols, colours, and images to represent my clients' identities and business concepts is my specialty. Professional graphic design services is proven enhance business performance, just ask me about my successful clients!

I work with a team of designers, photographers, imaging experts, marketers, printers, and web developers to complete any project regardless of the scope. 

My clients include; museums across Canada, authors, symposium coordinators, universities, educators, magazines, international organizations, tourism, the health care industry, non-profit organizations, architects, property-management companies, composers, national retail stores, etc…

What services are offered?

  • Brand development
  • Writing marketing content
  • Over-seeing and organizing project coordination
  • Price estimating design, printing and fabriacation
  • Business development, including name selection, logo design, stationery, domain names, advertising, and full web site and social media design
  • Laying out print and visuals for magazines, newsletters, and books
  • Creating print advertisements
  • Designing posters, billboards, and signage
  • Developing website graphics and product packaging 
  • Art directing photo shoots
  • Art directing video creation
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • And more – Just ask me!

Anikó Szabó  
Graphic Design
 P  +1-204-779-6532
Winnipeg, Manitoba