The Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame – Custom Exhibit Graphics

Scaled drawings of wall layouts for both client presentation and production purposes were created. Custom typography for vinyl text, gallery panels and artefact case labels were produced. The Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame is located in the new Sports For Life Complex in downtown Winnipeg. 2012  [Graphic Design, Anikó Szabó; Exhibit Design, HTFC Planning and Design]

Decade headings were produced in frosted vinyl and applied directly to the glass to visually organize each section of the gallery

Scaled drawings helped the client visualize the final product

The scaled drawings were also used by production companies in the final stage of exhibit production

During the creation of the exhibit at the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame, Anikó demonstrated to me her commitment to the detail and integrity of the interpretative text and assurance that every word would be exactly as we wanted it to be in the final product.”

– Candace Hogue  Project Curator, Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame