Awarded the Art Direction contract to design and produce a ten volume educational series called 'Mennonite History for Young People', which is being published by the D.F. Plett Historical Research Foundation. Book one is titled "Leaving Canada, The Journey to Mexico" and was published in Spring. The books will be used in the education system to teach children about Mennonite History. 2016 – Present (Illustrations: Lynn Shwadchuck)

  Colourful chapter title pages were created to introduce the topics.

Colourful chapter title pages were created to introduce the topics.

“Anikó provided an excellent balance of listening carefully to my vision of the history reader for young people that I was working on, encouraging my own creative thinking, providing clear guidance around matters of what would and would not work design-wise, and then applying her talent, creativity, expertise and common sense to designing a very satisfactory product."  

– Rosabel Fast,  M.Ed.  M.Ed., Project Manager and Writer

  Back cover, spine and cover of Volume One.

Back cover, spine and cover of Volume One.

Mennonite Heritage Village

Art Direction and graphic design for the 50th Anniversary Souvenir book for the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach, Manitoba. This large scale project required detailed drawings prior to working with the photographer to create custom layouts. The history of Mennonites is conveyed through the use of historic objects that belong to the museum collection. 2014  [Photography, Jerry Grajewski]

'A Collected History – Mennonite Heritage Village', recently won the Association of Manitoba Museum's Award of Excellence for Research and Publication. The award is for exceptional research activities and/or outcomes that enhance the experience and knowledge of the museum visitor, museum professional and/or subject experts.

Winnipeg Humane Society

The Winnipeg Humane Society decided to take a new approach with the design and content of their newsletter. Using bright colours, a progressive layout and streamlined editorial, a heart-felt and informative approach was created. The new design saw an increase in donations from $1,000 to over $12,000. A co-ordinated mail-out envelope was also designed. First issue, Spring 2014

“Aniko is not only extremely creative, she is thorough and detail oriented; thinking through the project and suggesting ways to improve. Her experience, talent and eye for design is an asset to any project she works on.”

– Aileen White  Director, Communications & Public Affairs

I was honoured when asked to design the Winnipeg Humane Society's 2015 Annual Report. Along with the Annual Report, promotional material for the Annual General Meeting was required. Using an earthy and sophisticated colour palette, striking photography along with an active layout, we were able accommodate the varying types of information the WHS needed to convey. Spring, 2015.

“Thanks as always for your hard work, enthusiasm and talent. It is a pleasure working with you!”

 Laina Hughes  Former Communications Coordinator, WHS

Kroeger Clocks by Arthur Kroeger

Graphic design of this fascinating book required directing photo shoots of the available clocks, organizing content, layout and design, directing the detailed Photoshop work required to salvage the damaged historic images and overseeing the print process. 2012 (See Before & After


Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

The WHR required art direction and graphic design for two documents: Health for All: Building Winnipeg's Health Equity Action Plan, a 65-page report assessing health equity in Winnipeg, printed and posted as a PDF file on the WRHA web site and Health Equity Indicator Resource, a 74-page companion document. Charts, maps, and graphs were extracted from Word and Excel files, reformatted for aesthetics and readability.  2013

The Beaver Magazine

Canada’s History Magazine, formerly The Beaver underwent a redesign before being renamed. The design of a seasonal ‘over-cover’ was produced for the December issue featured here. 2003

The back and front of the ‘over-cover’

The ‘over-cover’ folded around the December issue of The Beaver offering a Christmas subscription discount

The Manitoba Museum

The Manitoba Museum’s 1998/99 Annual Report featured the newly-acquired butterfly collection. Working closely with the communications department, I was responsible for the the design, layout, photography, art direction, and overseeing the print process. 1999

View of the inside front and back cover spread